H O L A, Today I'm here to share a little short film I made for my local Yoga and Pilates studio, showing one of their unreal yoga sessions. Ritual is such a great space, it has such a chilled, positive, relaxing vibe. It was super fun to film + edit together, love working with these guys!


WELL HAYO MAYO Its been a couple of years ay? Mmm nah not quite, but still feels like an eternity since I was last here. Which is kinda sad, but at the same time I reckon I really needed it, this site really needed it, and my creativity really needed it. In these few decades that I've been absent, I've come back feeling so refreshed and full of inspiration and stoke.. I've had time to work on my own projects and now know where I want to take all my work, what I want to achieve. Which feels pretty freakin' cool I must say...

I've decided to use this space more as a place to share my projects. Such as new artworks, films, photography and travels. I just wasn't enjoying blogging anymore. In the end it didnt feel like I was being honest, because it just wasn't something I wanted to do. So I'm actually happy that there was a little break there, it helped me regain my inspiration and enthusiasm for creating. I am SUPER stoked about all the projects I'm working on and so keen to share them all with you legends.
Thanks for bearing with me, you guys are the bomb dot com. Till next time salt lovers x