S A Y H A Y its wednesday kids. I'm here today to share with yous, the beginnings of a super rad exciting collaboration I've been working on with the unreal sustainable surf label, Panamuna Project. These guys are pretty rad, they're all about creating eco friendly, fair trade, sustainable, and ocean conscious clothing for cool guys and gals who want to make a difference and help save our seas. They host beach clean ups, participate in community events and work with local artists and marine conservation conscious youth. How sick is that? I reckon its so important to support people putting in the time and effort to create amazing stuff that's also good for the ocean and environment. There's not enough of them out there. 

I'm working on some really cool stuff with these guys, and I feel so stoked and proud to be able to do so. Stay tuned for rad stuff.. but for now, here's a bit of salty action from a sunday wave searching sesh. Featuring Panamuna and Izzy Hobbs x