Today I have something seriously exciting to show you all. Probably about a month ago now, me and Rachel decided to do a collaboration photoshoot. She came down to my house, and we drove to a nearby, beachside forest. It was such an insane opportunity and was loads of fun. Thanks so much Rachel for the good times, hope you enjoy as much as I did x

I loved doing this shoot SO so soooo much. And also, doing the drawings of my "imaginary friend" afterwards was SO fun. Also, those OUTFITS that Rachel made?! Whattttttt. Seriously, how talented can you get? All the pieces where auctioned off with the proceeds going to Oxfam Australia... Thank you so much to the lovely Rachel for doing this collaboration with me, I had the best time!

You can see this shoot featured on the peppermint magazine site HERE. Have a great day!

XO zali