Hey hey,
I am seriously stoked to share this new series with y'all. I have been working on this for a little while now and aaaahhhhh, its so fun. Basically I'm making little films of my friends doing what they love. I find it really inspiring to watch people do things they love. I think that when you watch someone put heaps of love and passion into something, it sort of rubs off on you. For me anyway, it leaves me feeling really stoked and passionate about what I'm doing. 

So I'm trying to create little vids of them all, doing the things they love. But also trying to capture their personalities in them as well. I edit them all individually, add different titles and effects and buy different music depending on what the person is like. Its super fun, I have a few planned up but for now here is one on an insanely talented surfer gal I feel lucky to know. Meet Estella, surfer, skater, legend, artist and rad sunglasses wearer. Enjoy x

Zali Bartholomew1 Comment