Over the christmas holidays I've been kind of chillerin' around, and not really drawing as much as I normally would. I'm not sure why, I go through stages of not really feeling like drawing or painting. Then I go through stages of drawing and painting my heart out and feeling the ideas flood through my brain. Its funny.. But I think its nice to just chill and enjoy life every now and then, not always working on something and feeling like you need to finish something. I like it. 

Recently however, all that time not drawing caught up with me and after sketching out little ideas for the past few months, I put them all together to create lotsa new art. I love it when my head just overflows with ideas and endless possibilities.  Anyways, here is a little series Ive been working on a bit, it was inspired by our dear environment. Which sadly, is perishing due to us a lot of the time. And while reading up a bit on our situation I read this "Humans, need the world. The world doesn't need Humans." Which when you think about it is actually so true. I started drawing my take on this and heres what came out, I was actually kinda surprised.. Because they're pretty dark.. I don't know if I like them or not hahaha! But they were fun. Love your planet x