i'm zali...




... I'm seventeen and live life on the gold coast of australia. I enjoy drawing and painting, and making films. In the times between I'm usually surfing, dancing to stevie wonder, searching through vintage stores or perusing my local cafes for a hit of acai. 


Art has been a part of my life since forever, it's calming to me, almost as though its a part of myself. Letting my mind flow freely over a blank canvas is one of my favourite things in the world to do. 

I love creating artworks inspired by the ocean and mother earth. In a sort of daydreamy and imaginative style, I try to create beautiful pieces that transport people to a place of happiness, awareness and love.

I've always had a huge love of the ocean and nature, through my art and films I hope to capture its incredible beauty in a unique way and, in the process, hopefully raise awareness about the affect we humans have on our planet.

I love working with likeminded people who are taking the effort to create change in the way we live, doing beach clean ups and working with brands who are passionate about conservation.

Peace x